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Diverse Technology Development.

Creating new technologies that safeguard our loved ones. 

Vail Industries is defining the next evolution in diagnostic health device development.  Offering advanced designs in the wearable health industry that improve quality of life through better monitoring, alert systems, and integrated data management.




Vail Industries was inspired by Vail Vivienne Nelson.  Vail was a vibrant, beautiful, happy, healthy 16 month old child.  Tragically, Vail died in her sleep on 9/17/2019, from unknown causes.  In the wake of Vail's death, her father, Steve Nelson began to look for a device to protect his surviving daughter, Aspen. Unable to find one, he designed The Vail Monitor, the flagship device of Vail Industries.  For more information on Vail's story, please check out


At Vail Industries, our mission is to create life changing health technology.  Products that enable people to take an active role their health and safety. Our goal is to design and develop devices that enhance our understanding of human health, create health data sets to be utilized for diagnostic purposes, and integrate our products with existing health systems.  Ultimately, giving users the confidence, security, and independence to navigate our changing world.


We strive to maximize our understanding of integrative health management in creative ways that pair state of the art, ground breaking tech designs with software programs tailored for both the individual and the health industry's growing demand.  The outcome of this pairing is a company that is always pushing the envelop in the health tech space.  Changing lives through innovative design. 



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